A Sustainable World

Our environment being a little better and happier is one of our objectives. We fight for animal wellness, contribute to society with our sustainability practice, and seek excellence in green production and waste control.

Committed to Environmental Responsibility

Concern for environmental and ethical issues has led to the change of practice and innovation within Yasgo which has greatly lifted the efficiency in raw ingredients processing and packaging, in pet food manufacture and transportation.

What We Uphold

“an animal is in good conditions of wellbeing if they are healthy, comfortable, well-fed, safe, able to express innate behaviours, and not suffer unpleasant sensations of pain, fear or unease”.

Transparency and sustainability

It’s not just the logo that is green. At Yasgo, we are committed to earth-friendly manufacturing and minimal environmental impact. We do so in compliance with the highest level certifications and by committing to only collaborating in purchasing raw materials from compliant suppliers.

                            For A Better World

Our belief

We believe that the government, industry and individuals have a collective responsibility to maintain a sensible balance between the needs of the prosperity and the necessity to protect the natural environment from irreversible damage.