We Prefer the Way Nature Intended

Much like humans, our cats and dogs also deserve proper nutrition to grow properly. And as we are aware of how artificial ingredients may harm our bodies, we shall also try to prioritize fresh ingredients for our furry little friends. And here is where Coucou comes from.

Hence, we use fresh and high-quality goods as our main ingredients. Pet nutritionists and other experts from relevant backgrounds have worked together to come up with nothing but the perfect formula.


The freeze-drying and dual sterilization technologies locked all the original aroma and flavors in the outcome products. All the nutrition content is well-preserved. Even better, our manufacturing process managed to pack the nutritional content to be five times more concentrated. It would be easy for the cats to get all the nutritional values they need to thrive.

Coucou, Care to Be Carefree

With food quality intact, Coucou has the smell and taste of fresh meat. Cats will salivate as the aroma flows through their nose. Be it the wet or dry foods, they will surely enjoy the delicacies you present to them.


More than just paw-licking good, we also ensure that each cat gets the nutritional values they need. Hence, Coucou comes in several variants to meet different needs.