We are committed to driving up animal welfare standards


Benefits and Problems

Pets often live near people and provide benefits including companionship, security, and assistance. Some working dogs are even trained to detect diseases in humans and protect livestock. There is also research evidence of the positive effects pets have on human health and well-being.


      Physical and Psychological

The well-being of animals in the care of human is an increasing focus for communities around the world. This is particularly ture for companion animals who often live in close proximity to people.

Nutrition and Wellness

We are committed to companion animal nutrition, health and wellness. Taking lead in participating in every stage of the process, from the manufacture of food for pets to the promotion of stray animal protection and donation.

Shelter and Home

Companion animal are not wild animal because they need us more than the wilderness. It is our royal responsibilities to assist in the rehabilitation and rehoming of those lovely creatures needing prolonged care or a different pathway on their way to a real home.

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Animal welfare position statement